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A330 Type Rated First Officer – Wamos Air

Sector First Officer Pilot Jobs
Location Madrid, Spain
Aircraft Airbus
Salary Competitive

Closing Date: 09/03/2020

Wamos Air has opened a selection process for First Officers with type A330 rating.

Job Details:  

  • Full time contract.
  • Base: Madrid, Spain (1).
  • Salary: According to the competence of each candidate. Requirements:
  • Be in possession of a valid CPL or ATPL license issued  by EASA.
  • Be in possession of the current IR + ME ratings.
  • Be in possession of the current A330 type rating.
  • Be in possession of a valid class 1 medical certificate.
  • Be in possession of a language proficiency certificate  with at least English level 4.
  • Be able to reside and work legally in Europe.
  • Experience of at least 3000 hours of total flight time (2).

(1) Depending on the requirements of the operation.

(2) The minimum flight hours requirement may be reduced according to the Global experience, training and areas of operation accredited by the candidate.

*Only apply if you meet the airlines requirements  

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