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Embraer 175 Non-Type Rate First Officer – Sky Regional Airlines

Sector First Officer Jobs
Location Montreal and Toronto, Canada
Aircraft Embraer
Salary Competitive

Closing Date: 03/04/2020

Sky Regional Airlines requires experienced First Officers for vacancies on the Embraer 175 aircraft. Positions exist at both the Montreal and Toronto crew bases. Applicants must have a Commercial Pilot License with a minimum of 1500 total flying hours. ATPL written exams or equivalent are required. Preference given to those pilots who have aviation college, or EFIS/FMS experience and P.I.C experience on high performance multi engine aircraft.

The First Officer reports to the Captain for the duration of the flight, or series of flights.

Key Competencies
• Make and implement decisions when faced with differing stakeholder perspectives and/or some ambiguity of information, based on the organization’s needs and objectives. Recognize conflicting situations as they arise and determine appropriate responses. Take ownership of decisions and ensure follow-up;
• Put systems in place to proactively monitor risks and determine acceptable risk tolerances;
• Make and implement strategic decisions based on corporate objectives and business model;
• Apply a broad business understanding to improve the performance and processes of the department. Prioritize work in alignment with business goals;
• Consider whether short-term goals will support long-term objectives. Review own actions against the organization’s strategic plan to ensure alignment;
• Strategic thinking – Think beyond the department and make decisions in the context of the company corporate objectives;
• Actively increases one’s own knowledge/awareness of the business and competitive environment to determine long-term issues, problems or opportunities with resolutions.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Ability to prioritize, plan and make improvement to the department;
• Effective communication skills;
• Basic computer literacy and comfort with technological learning;
• Excellent interpersonal skills, delegation, and initiative;
• Strong oral and written communication skills.

Educations, Certification and Work Experience
• All First Officers shall be licensed by Transport Canada to act as First Officers on Sky Regional aircraft;
• Strong knowledge of the CARS;
• Authorized to live and work in Canada

*Only apply if you meet airline’s requirements

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