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First Officer Pilot Jobs | Type Rated Airbus A320 | Jet Star Japan

Sector First Officer Jobs
Location Japan
Salary Competitive

Closing Date: 03/06/2020

Flight Crew (Co-pilot (JCAB / Jet License Holder)) / A320 Pilot-First Officer (JCAB / Jet License Holder)

Airbus A320 aircraft operation and navigation related work

Qualification for application: * All of the following must be met. 
1. A business operator license issued by the Japan Aviation Bureau, an instrument flight certificate, or a pilot carrier license for regular transportation
2. Physical condition that complies with the first class aviation medical examination standard
3. Aviation English before joining the company Must have a proficiency level 4 or higher. Or expected to acquire
4. Aircraft wireless qualification holder
5. Flight experience below
(1) Flight Time: Total 650 hours or more (Jet Time / Turboprop is possible)
(2) 30,000kg (in Japan) 66,000 lb) or more, 500 hours or more of PIC or co-pilot experience of 500 hours or more is desirable 
(3) EFIS: It is desirable to have experience

How to apply:
After the web entry, the recruitment staff will contact you.
After that, please convert the following documents to PDF and send it.

■ Entry sheet (designated by us)
■ CV / CV
■ Aviation CV
■ Flight log (satisfies the latest 60 hours)
■ Copy of skill certificate (including limited items / specific pilot examination / confirmation)
■ Aircraft body A copy of the inspection certificate
■ Attachment result report for aviation physical examination (59 years and over 6 months old)
■ A copy of the aviation physical examination certificate application (for the past 2 years)
■ Aeronautical physical examination certificate application (for the past 2 years) Minutes)
■ Aviation physical examination results (for the past 2 years)
Only when applicable:
■ Regular medical examination results (for the past 2 years)

Selection process:
Document selection
Physical examination results by the occupant health care doctor
Employment judgment Recruitment test (simulator skill confirmation and interview)
 ▼ Unofficial

Narita International Airport or Chubu International Airport 
* You can choose either

■ Staff Travel System (Employee discount system for airline tickets) * In addition to own flights, airline tickets of affiliated airlines are also eligible. The family of employees is also eligible. Commuting expenses paid
■ Social insurance (employment, labor accident, health, welfare pension) 
■ Regular health checkup
■ Employee award system
■ Car commuting possible
■ Uniform loan
■ Various employee discounts available

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