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Simulator Instructor Jobs | 737 300-900 MCCI/TRI/TRE | BAA Training

Sector Simulator Jobs
Location Lithuania
Salary Competitive

Closing Date: 05/06/2020

B737 300-900 TRI/TRE with experience in MCC training

We are BAA Training, one of the TOP 3 largest independent aviation training centers in Europe. Our people are united by a passion for aviation and a desire to ensure efficient training solutions for both pilots and airlines.

We expect you to:

  • Perform duties of B737 300-900 MCCI/TRI/TRE at BAA Training;
  • Carry out MCC and/or JOC Training;
  • Evaluate students’ learning and progress by Competence-Based model and provide constructive feedback;
  • Prepare and fulfill the relevant training documents;
  • Constantly maintain and improve your professional skills and relevant qualifications;
  • Consult and offer improvements for the training process and procedures.

To succeed you must have:

  • Valid EASA ATPL(A) License;
  • Valid EASA 1st Class Medical Certificate;
  • Valid B737 300-900, TRI, and TRE ratings;
  • ICAO English level 5 or higher
  • Availability is not shorter than 3 weeks every second month.

Benefits you will get:

  • 60-120 training hours on 3 weeks;
  • Internal career opportunities (Deputy Head of Training);
  • Accommodation and travel allowance;
  • Exclusive pricing for rating renewal extension;
  • Full-year working season;
  • Motivated students who are pre-selected for airlines’ cadet programs.

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