Could China’s COMAC C919 compete with the Boeing 737 MAX?

Airbus and Boeing sell heavily to the country and China can’t seem to buy enough aircraft for its multiple state airlines (China has the most government-owned airlines in the world).

With the commercial aviation industry worth around $2.7 trillion dollars (in better times than now) it would be madness for China not to want a slice of the pie.

The COMAC C919 lacks many other features such as bigger cabins and better pressurisation that the 737 MAX has, but it is perfect for China’s domestic use as a shuttle aircraft.

Boeing would be wise not to ignore what COMAC is up to. At one point they laughed at the idea of European plane makers coming together to form Airbus and likely, they don’t want to repeat the same mistake. The C919 might not beat the 737 MAX in this generation, but COMAC will give Boeing a run for its money in years to come.

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